WHY JOIN US?


Rowers are what make boats move through brute force and effort. 

College rowing is competitive. We row in boats of four or eight people together with the coxswain steering the boat and encouraging the crew.

First-time rowers in UCD start out as Novices. In time, some of these may progress to Inter and then perhaps Senior level. They do this by winning regattas and earning points. 

UCD do most of their water sessions either at Islandbridge beside the Phoenix Park (directions below) or at Blessington Lakes, about 40mins drive outside of Dublin.

Training consists of both, time spent in the boat and time spent in the gym. In the gym you will become familiar with the erg (rowing machine) and various types of weights to build your strength.  

Though it can sound daunting, you must remember all of this training will be built up gradually and you do not do it alone! Don't worry about not being at peak fitness, we don't expect you to be Olympians on your first day. The squad will all train and progress together - making it an enjoyable experience.

When it comes to representing your college, you'll be kitted out in the UCD colours to go with your blades.



If rowing doesn't tickle your fancy, there is always coxing. So if you're small, suffer from passive aggression or simply plain aggression and have a decent amount of confidence - there is one more place in a boat up for grabs. A coxswain is required in all 8s and some 4s. Despite popular belief, coxes are not just there for the river cruises. Their role in a boat involves the following:

  • Keeping the boat and crew safe
  • Steering the boat 
  • Commanding the crew 
  • Motivating and encouraging the crew
  • Directing the crew in putting the boat in and taking it out

During training you must emphasize the focus the coach has put on the session from within the boat. As you gain more experience, you will be able to give feedback after a session.  Eventually good coxes are able to act as a second coach. Though you may have a limited view of the boat, you must learn to feel how things are moving. Between this, and watching the blades, you will be able to select appropriate exercises or directions.

In a race, all of your skills will be called on. Your steering will have to be competitive - seeking out the best lines. Above all, your understanding of your crew members will emerge as you motivate them to the very end. It's you who will have the thrill of seeing the finish line, not the rowers. 

 All coxes carry with them a cox box so they won't be living off a diet of Strepsils. This little dude is your best friend. He plugs into the boat, linking your microphone to various speakers beneath the rower's seats.  



For more details as to what the year entails, have a look a the Rowing Year page or call by our stand at the Sports Expo during Freshers Week and meet some of our current members. 

This years sports expo takes place in the UCD gym located on campus from the 15th-18th of September. Looking forward to seeing all of our future members there. 


Where to find us..

Directions to Islandbridge Driving or Cycling from the Clonskeagh entrance of UCD.

We are located in Islandbridge, opposite the Phoenix Park. 

Buses going from Pearse Street are  66, 66a, 66b, 67, 67a, 25, 25a, 26.