2014-2015 Captain:Breanna Larsen

National Indoor Rowing Championships: 1st (Orla Finnegan) and 3rd (Aileen Crowley) in the WU23 2k division.

St Michaels Head of the River: Womens Senior 8+ 

University Championships: Womens Senior 8+ (2L)

Dublin Metropolitan Regatta: Womens Senior 2- (1/2L)

                                              Womens Senior 4+ 1st and 2nd

                                              Womens Senior 4- (3L)  

London Metropolitan Regatta: Womens IM1 8+ 1st  (2L)

                                                 Womens Challenge 8+ 5th

National Championships: Womens Intermediate 8+ - 1st (5L)

                                         Womens Senior 8+ - 1st (2L) 

2013-2014 Captain: Aoife Gilligan

National Championships: Intermediate 8+

National Indoor Rowing Championships: WU23; 2nd and 3rd.

                                                                Womens Senior Relay; 1st place  

Dublin Metropolitan Regatta: Senior 2-

London Metropolitan Regatta: IM1 8+, IM1 4+, IM14-

Skibbereen Regatta: Senior 8+, Club 8+, Inter 2-

University Championships: Novice 8+, Inter 8+, The Bank of Ireland Trophy.

Colours:  Sally Moorhead Trophy

Neptune Regatta: Novice 8+

Trinity Regatta: Novice 8+

Dublin Head of the River: Senior 8+, Inter 8+, Novice 8+ 

2011 - 2012 Captain: Claire Ní Reachtagain

Cork Regatta: Intermediate 4+, Intermediate 2-

Reading Amateur Regatta: Novice 8+

London Metropolitan Regatta: Elite 4+, Intermediate 1 8+

Dublin Metropolitan Regatta: Intermediate 8+, Novice 8+

University Championships: Senior 8+, Intermediate 8+

Queens Regatta: Intermediate 4+, Novice 4+

Neptune Regatta: Intermediate 8+

Dublin Head of River: Senior 8+, Novice 8+

Colours: Corcoran Cup  

Erne Head of River: Senior 8+ 1st & 2nd

2010-2011 Captain: Laura Reid

 National Championships: Senior 8+

Dublin Metropolitan Regatta: Senior 8+, Senior 4-, Novice 8+

University Championships: Senior 8+, Inter 2x.

Neptune Regatta: Senior 8+, Senior 4+, Novice 8+,

Colours: Sally Moorhead Trophy, Corcoran Cup

Cork Head of the River: Senior 8+ 

Dublin Head of the River: Open Eights

2009-2010 Captain: Laura O'Brien

Grand League 09-10: Winners Senior Women's Category 

Reading Regatta: Saturday Novice 8s. Sunday IM1 eights.. 

Queen's Regatta (Grand League): Inter 4+, Sr 4-. 

Neptune Regatta: Inter 8+, Inter 4+, Novice 8+, Novice 4+, Inter 2x. 

Skibbereen Regatta (Grand League): Sr 4-, Novice 8+. 

University Championships: Senior 8, Senior 4-, Inter 8. Winners Bank of Ireland Cup, and Overall Event.  

Dublin Head of the River: Novice 8s. 

Colours: The Sally Moorhead Trophy

Head of the Shannon: Senior 8, Inter 8, Inter 1x (C. Lambe)

2008-2009 Captain: Eoin Craven

National Championship: Inter 4+, Inter 8

Monkstown: Inter 4+, Inter 8

Queen's Regatta: Inter 8, Novice 8

University Championships: Inter 4+, Senior 4-, Inter 1X (C. Lambe)

Trinity Regatta: Inter 8

Tribes Head: Senior 8

Erne Head: Senior 8 (fastest women's crew), Novice 8

Dublin Head: Novice 8, Senior 8

Neptune Head: Inter 8

2007-2008 Captain: Emma Doyle

National Championships: Novice 8, Inter 4+, Inter 8, Snr 2x

Reading Regatta: (Day1) Novice 8+, Novice 4+ (Day 2) Novice 4+

Metro Regatta: Novice 8+

Commercial Regatta: Novice 4+

Neptune Regatta: Novice 8+, Novice 4+

Colours: Corcoran Cup, Sally Moorhead Cup.

2006-2007 Captain: Kate English

National Championships: Snr 2-

Dublin Head: Open 8s

2005-2006 Captain: Anne Claffey

National Championships: Senior 8, Senior 4x (Comp. Commercial), Sr 4-, Snr 1x (H. Walshe)

Henley Women's Regatta: Elite 8s

Reading Regatta: Senior 1 8 (Sat & Sun), Senior 1 4+ (Sat)

Dublin Metropolitan Regatta: Senior 8, Senior 4-, Senior 2-

Queens Regatta: Senior 8, Senior 4+, Senior 4-

Limerick Regatta: Senior 4+, Senior 2-, Novice 8

Uni Champs: Senior 4+, Senior 2-. Bank of Ireland Trophy)

Trinity Regatta: Senior 4+, Novice 8+

Colours: Novice 8, Senior 8 (Corcoran Cup.)

Dublin Head: Open 8s, Open 4

2004-2005 Captain: Jessica Matthews

National Championships: Novice 8, Snr 8,

Henley Women's Regatta: Senior 8s

Metro Regatta: Senior 8s, Inter 8s, Inter 4s.

Trinity Regatta: Senior 4s, Inter 4s, Novice 8+, Novice 4+

Commercial Regatta: Inter 4s, Novice 4s.

Neptune Regatta: Inter 4s, Novice 4s.

Colours: Corcoran Cup.

Dublin Head: Open 8, Novice 8

2003-2004 Captain: Jane Ferry

National Championships: Snr 8, Snr 1x (H. Walshe), Inter 1x (H. Walshe)

Henley Women's Regatta: Intermediate 8s.

Trinity Regatta: Inter 1x (Walshe)

Dublin Head: Open 8


National Championships: Snr 8, Inter 8

Trinity Regatta: Senior 4+, Inter 4+.


Trinity Regatta: Senior 8+

1999-2000 Captain: Clare Carty

Trinity Regatta: Senior 2-

1998-1999 Captain: Sharon Campbell

Trinity Regatta: Senior 8s 

Lagan Head: Open 8s

Dublin Head: Open 8s

1997-1998 Captain: J. Taggart

National Championships: Inter VIII

1996-1997 Captain: Cara Hanrahan

National Championships: Snr 2-

Colours: Corcoran Cup

Dublin Head: Open IV

1995-1996 Captain: Oonagh Clarke

National Championships: Novice IV+, Novice VIII, Snr. VIII, Snr 4-, Snr 2-

Colours: Corcoran Cup

Dublin Head: Open VIII

1994-1995 Captain: A. Phelan

National Championships: Snr VIII, Snr 4-

Trinity Regatta: Senior 8+, Senior 4+

Colours: Corcoran Cup

Dublin Head: Open VIII, Novice VIII

1993-1994 Captain: F. McHenry

National Championships: Inter 4+

Trinity Regatta: Senior 4+

Dublin Head: Open VIII

1992-1993 Captain: N. Maguire

Trinity Regatta: Senior 1x (A. Doyle)

Colours: Corcoran Cup

1991-1992 Captain: T. Wiese

National Championships: Novice 1x (A.Doyle)

Colours: Corcoran Cup

1990-1991 Captain: N. O'Byrne

1989-1990 Captain: P. Murphy

National Championships: Novice IV+

1988-1989 Captain: Y. Rumgay

Colours: Corcoran Cup

1987-1988 Captain: M. Dennis

National Championships: Inter 4+

Trinity Regatta: Senior 8+

Colours: Corcoran Cup

1986-1987 Captain: L. Nolan

National Championships: Novice 4+

Colours: Corcoran Cup

1985-1986 Captain: Y. McEvoy

1984-1985 Captain: D. Quigley

1983-1984 M. O'Halloran

Colours: Corcoran Cup


National Championships: Snr 4+ (Comp with Anna Liffey, Commercial, Belfast RC)

Colours: Corcoran Cup


National Championships: Snr 2-

Colours: Corcoran Cup

1980-1981 Captain: A. McDonagh

Colours: Corcoran Cup

1979-1980 Captain: M. Finlay

1978-1979 Captain: B. Corcoran

1977-1978 Captain: S. Healy

1976-1977 Captain: J. O'Connell

National Championships: Snr 4+

Trinity Regatta: Senior 4+

1975-1976 Captain: Mary Stuart

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